Performance Management Platform with Automated Process Improvement through Gamification

Are Your Internal Communication Strategies Meeting Today's Challenges?  

The challenges:

  • Increased Administrative Burden: 190M additional hours of paperwork annually due to healthcare reform (The Heritage Foundation)
  • Bigger Fines: $75K+ penalty per incident of administrative noncompliance (California Department of Public Health)
  • Burnt Out Employees: 70% healthcare workers are "stressed" (CareerBuilder) 
  • High Attrition: 19.2% turnover rate in healthcare - an all-time high - (Compensation Data Healthcare, 2015)
  • Sub-Optimal Culture: 50%  of nurses have been bullied (ANA) and each nurse turnover associated with bullying and sickness cost between $60K-$100K (Hospital and Health Network, Seifert, 2011)

We provide a modernized solution for Manage Up ® by giving your team the resources they need to create a culture of organizational excellence and creative innovation.



Protected from harmful or other non-desirable outcomes


The standard degree of excellence which can be measured


Education with continuous training and development


Lean and process improvement programs


Internal and external customer satisfaction


Using gamification, team members will be continuously rewarded along the Five Key Operational Metrics, listed above, as a part of their operational activities. We refer to these metrics by the acronym SQUEEZE® so they are easily remembered by everyone in the organization.

This ensures that performance gaps are addressed while empowering employees in the process. As a result, your organization will see continuous process improvement across silos and which can be captured through real-time reporting.

Foster an Innovative Culture with Our Platform to Harness Employees' Ideas and Creativity



Turn conflict into success stories


Test big and small ideas in a collaborative method


Resolve ideas into best practice

This provides the bridge managers need for effective performance management:

  • Empower employees to make decisions
  • Recognizes and rewards employees for their achievements
  • Focus on employee’s strengths and develop those strengths
  • Continuous communication throughout the year on employees progress to their goals and expectations
  • Regular and open two-way communication with employees

Enhance process efficiency and productivity, ensuring compliance through transparency and accountability.


Consider a scalable, affordable, and SaaS solution


Implementation is quick, easy, and fully supported


Integrate with clinical and other systems


Unleash the power of your healthcare team by giving them the resources they need to operate at their PEAK!