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We are ManageUp 2.0.

From the... we have made tremendous improvements in our product to 

"For over 15 years I have been in roles of managing people and projects from product development, collaboration partnerships, to M&A and investments at companies like Unilever, Agilent, Eli Lilly, and Omnicell. While I thrived in working with and managing multi-functional, multi-organizational teams — effective collaboration was always a struggle. Chasing people down by phone and emails, hosting 5AM calls, and coordinating teams across the globe became obstacles to getting work done. The tools available were static and siloed - which weren’t much help. 

I imagined a solution that can facilitate real-time collaboration, offer interdepartmental visibility, and centralize all relevant information for easy access for me and my teams. This became the inspiration for me to create ManageUp PRM.

Lan Nguyen, CEO // BA - UChicago; MS - Stevens Institute of Technology; MBA - Stanford