Organizational Management Woes:

We're sorry it's not working out

Is your current organizational management platform holding you back and giving you headaches? Like a relationship that’s gone sour, it may be time to breakup.

See how ManageUp does things differently:

Other platforms:

Don't hold teams accountable, asana, slack, trello. It doesn’t matter which platform you choose if you can’t incentivize your team to adopt it. 

With ManageUp

You can create teams and assign owners of tasks

Assign a task to your partner and create conditions for which that task can be marked complete.


Engage team members through gamification for them to complete tasks, and contribute to project completion

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Other platforms:

Make you start from scratch every time

While most project management tools allow you to visualize action items, they fail to help you plan ahead or get feedback from your team.

With ManageUp:

You can plan  and implement projects and get feedback in real-time

Specify project goals, create and assign subtasks, and call for feedback within a ‘Task Template’.


Assign a task to multiple individuals, add viewers or auditors, and create specific conditions for the completion of such task.

Experience high-level project management,
collaboration, performance management and
employee engagement like no other.

Other platforms:

Don't make you see the damage

When managing multiple projects or remote teams, it can be easy to lose track of things.


With Trello or Asana, you have to look at a specific task to see where things were left off - multiple clicks later, you still may not have the information that you were looking for.

With ManageUp:

You can monitor your team's progress and streamline workflows

Find gaps and expose any unproductive workflows with ManageUp’s completion progress bar, which gives you a quick look at the current status of a task.


See the general status of things on your plate when you login to your dashboard.

Other platforms:

Don't give you a comprehensive communication tool

When managing multiple projects or remote teams, chat is not enough.

Other platforms have limited communication functionalities.  

With ManageUp:

You'll have multiple levels of closed-loop, project-oriented communication 

Enables multi-faceted communication to better manage your work. 

Features a document storage or an e-library where users can upload, open, share, and refer back to files.


Allows for seamless sharing of information by adding users and controls the users' access by setting it to limited visibility.