ManageUp connects stakeholders, mobilizes change agents, and contributes to the overall culture that creates true organizational change


Obtaining and Maintaining Accreditation

Accreditation highlights the quality work performed by committed healthcare organizations.  However, each accreditation represents a time-consuming, expensive, labor-intensive, and detailed process.  Once obtained, each accreditation must be continuously maintained in the context of evolving care standards. 

ManageUp can easily be harnessed to connect stakeholders and experts, disseminate education, solicit staff participation, record and track progress, and communicate outcomes. 


Becoming a High Reliability Organization

High Reliability Organizations (HRO) are successful at managing high-risk, complex environments.  ManageUp supports functions critical to achieving the 5 key principles of an HRO:

Preoccupation with Failure - ManageUp promotes identified and anonymous feedback, allowing users to report failures and near-misses, obtain data, and perform process improvement.

Reluctance to Simplify - Healthcare is complicated.  ManageUp is an agile, customizable tool that supports high-level analysis and complex decision-making.

Sensitivity to Operations - ManageUp easily connects the frontline to the boardroom, allowing robust process improvements based on the knowledge of those who perform daily operations.

Commitment to Resilience - ManageUp allows organizations to quickly pivot and position to recover from adversity and promote innovative solutions from within.

Deference to Expertise - ManageUp supports access to experts, knowledge management and retention, and the development of emerging subject matter experts.