Gamification - what is it, exactly?

The goal of gamification is to engage, entertain, motivate and increase users' contribution. Our unique patent pending continuous recognition and reward system motivate users intrinsically focusing on their individual performance metrics.  Inspired by one of the co-founders who played sports, ManageUP allows individuals to compete against themselves and others creating competitive yet fun work environment. Employees are more engaged if they are recognized, have opportunities for growth, and have fun.

Speaking of fact: Some companies have embraced the approach, replacing annual reviews in many cases. The fun, instantaneous feedback loops have driven employee engagement to over 95 percent on an opt-in basis at many installations.

Gamification drives better patient outcomes!



Is ManageUP® an Electronic Medical Record?

Our product is not an Electronic Medical Record.  We do not compete with Epic, Cerner, Athena Health, or similar software.  The dashboard provided by ManageUp® contains absolutely no patient data. We may look to integrate with such EMR systems in the future.



What does PRM stand for?

PRM stands for personnel and resource management. Our product is a dashboard to consolidate all things personnel and resource related and neatly presents the information to the user. Once mapped into our product, pertinent information is then pushed to the users keeping organizational processes aligned.



What makes ManageUP® unique to all the applications I already use (including our checklist management products, email, sms, etc.)?

Our team has personally experienced the pain of using too many applications, so we designed ManageUP® specifically to reduce information overload and application fatigue.  ManageUP® helps you manage the overwhelming influx of new technologies, clinical demands, and the logistics of ever-changing regulatory requirements.

Our platform allows users to receive personalized, important information in a timely and organized manner without having to search through a lot of applications or different sources. (No more losing critical team information in a mountain of email!)



How does ManageUP® help implement Lean concepts in the healthcare environment?

Our principles are not just focused on increasing efficiency and limiting waste, but also on creating a healthy workplace culture and team effort.   Our SQUEEZE® module allows users to focus on 5 key objectives



How is ManageUP® different from other checklist management tools?

Checklists are crucial and effective to ensure the safety, quality of care, and waste reduction; however they're not always readily adopted or maintained. ManageUP® is customized to encourage feedback and participation, through gamification elements as well as empowering checklist users to make changes when needed - both proven tactics for increasing engagement! Our closed loop communication format inspires confidence in both staff and managers.



I like the idea of continuous process improvement. Exactly how can you help? 

People that really enjoy their jobs want to show their contributions, gain recognition, and be a part of the bigger picture.  By engaging in our platform, users score points contributing to the categories of (s)afety, (qu)ality, (e)ffectiveness, (e)fficiency and (z)est  i.e morale.  We believe SQUEEZE® acts as the motivating force and guiding principle that influences better patient outcomes and safety, while also creating an engaging workplace culture and employee sustainability.



What is the implementation process?

Because the ManageUP® team consists of industry leaders, we perform the initial install to ensure your team information is entered and your needs are met right from the start. We've spent a lot of time perfecting our implementation process so that you can be up and running as soon as possible! Once implemented, you will find the process very simple and easy to grasp. And if you ever have questions, we are here to help.



How can I partner with ManageUP® as a consultant or with complementary solutions? 

We are happy to discuss how your product is complementary with our platform or how you can sustain your training and learning material through ManageUP®. Contact us here.



How versatile is ManageUp®?

ManageUP® is actually a very simple concept with many uses, similar to paper that is in your work space. Not only is it a more effective communication tool, it is also more efficient, reducing many manual administrative processes by automating them. The tool can be tailored to the size of your organization, ultimately saving you millions.