ManageUp encourages clear communication, transparency, and partnerships.



An estimated 80% of serious medical errors are related to poor communication among health care providers during the transitioning of patients (source)

Providers drive patient care from diagnosis to evaluation. They depend on accurate, real-time assessment data in order to improve patient outcomes. With ManageUp the provider can cultivate partnerships with the staff members whose serve as their eyes and ears, ensuring open lines of communication and effective care delivery.

Managers and Educators

Managers and educators fail to effectively provide information to front-liners about major change initiatives that are spearheaded by senior leadership, resulting to poor stakeholder buy-in. Employee concerns that are critical to operation get stuck with the managers and do not reach the top.

Managers and educators must answer both to staff and senior leadership and their ability to communicate change effectively can often determine the outcome of that change. With ManageUp, these front-line leaders can communicate critical organizational changes, avoid gossip, facilitate a discussion, and hold individuals accountable.


Front line Staff

The front line staff believe they are mostly followers without a voice. They hesitate to contribute not because they do not have any feedback to give but because they mainly think making a suggestion is useless.

Front line staff members are the lifeblood of healthcare organizations.  They administer the medications, empty the trash, and prepare patient meals.  They are everywhere you look and yet often feel unseen.  ManageUp allows staff members to express both an individual and collective voice, access their leaders and mentors, tangibly demonstrate their hard work, and advance their careers.