Our team has many years of healthcare experience from both the vendor and provider side

We're not just quoting statistics about organizational transparency and change management. We’ve been in the trenches and witnessed firsthand the problems caused by lack of transparency and lack of employee engagement. 

As a former track athlete, I couldn’t imagine competing at the level that I did without performance data needed to track my progress, coaches that stood by me, and teammates who helped us set and stay accountable to our objectives

Having spent 25 years on the front-line at numerous health care facilities, I became acutely aware of the adverse impact that performance management issues were having on the very culture of an organization trying to improve quality, efficiency, and safety around patient care. Instead of empowering employees to meet these higher standards, unclear goals and a lack of accountability resulted in disenfranchised employees. And a lack of transparency incited distrust and unhealthy competition. Furthermore available solutions proved to be ineffective and only added to the workload and bureaucracy. I knew that there had to be a better way.

My co-founder and I started ManageUP to bring back our core value of operational excellence through deep employee engagement and a culture of belonging and recognition. We listened to clinicians and managers and built an intuitive and fully integrated product that has been put to the test on the front lines, allowing our clients to get back to the real work of patient care.
— Greg Hunter, Co-founder, Chief Product Officer, and former National Track Champion