New technology, improved processes, better regulations… most of us agree that to evolve or survive the dynamism of the healthcare, we have to adapt to these changes. The promised results of proposed changes are just too beautiful to say no to, even if it means catching fire and uprooting established quo of doing things in between. While most solutions are focused on the ‘before and after’ scenario of change, the ‘ in between’ is often overlooked. The operations of healthcare remind me of feeling I experienced when I returned from traveling overseas for work. The anxiety I had when I looked through my (snail) mail searching for bills, so I hurry up and pay to prevent my credit from going south. Yes, healthcare operations need a reboot as the banking industry had done many years ago.
— Lan Nguyen, Co-Founder, and CEO
In my 25-years working on the front-lines and as a manager in healthcare, I was caught up many times ‘ in between,’ wherein questions about the proposed change keep piling up and remain unanswered. Why…? How to…?, who is…?, where to…? Who to…? I realized that it is the lack of effective collaboration that destroys the road to change. Adding to this problem are more emails, more meetings, more hires, and more single-purpose software apps (one more thing to do or learn), all of which have consistently proven to be ineffective, costly, and reactive rather than proactive. This has become the eye-opener for me, and it has served as an inspiration for me to create ManageUp PRM. Our operational platform is designed to handle the challenges of the journey while humanizing the culture through engagement.
— Greg Hunter, Co-Founder, and CPO

With the right software, safe care, healthy workplaces, positive patient experiences, cost-effectiveness, and rewarding careers are all within our grasp in healthcare. The ManageUp platform promises to be a game-changer in each of these because it guides human behavior towards positive outcomes.
— Beth Boynton, RN, MS, ManageUp Advisor, Author, Successful Nurse Communication: Safe Care, Healthy Workplaces, & Rewarding Careers, and Confident Voices: The Nurses’ Guide to Improving Communication & Creating Positive