• The ManageUp Team

We’re Sorry It’s Not Working Out

Updated: Sep 7, 2018

What holds you back when using your current organizational management platform? Like a relationship that’s gone sour, it may be time to breakup.

Originally designed with healthcare companies in mind, ManageUp is a comprehensive operational management platform that can be utilized to meet all of your teams’ organizational needs - and then some.

While most operational platforms available on the market feature online communication and task visualization tools, ManageUp PRM boasts a comprehensive set of features that aggregates all of those tools into one platform.

Some of these features include an informal chat tool, task management features, an audit feature that allows for seamless sharing of information with external organizations, and a resource database that can serve as a personal library. It’s time to upgrade and get what you and your team deserve.

1. Other platforms don’t hold your team accountable

Monday(.)com, asana, slack, trello. It doesn’t matter which platform you choose if you can’t incentivize your team to adopt it. It also doesn’t help if the platform fails to help you keep your team members accountable.

Take Asana as an example: if a task is assigned to you, you can easily mark it as complete, change the due date, or assign it back to the original assigner. Where’s the accountability?

ManageUp has solved these problems by building in features that protect your ideas or projects from getting lost in the shuffle.

When using Manage Up, assign a task to your partner and create conditions for which that task can be marked complete. We’ve also added gamification features that incentivize your team members to use the platform, complete tasks, and engage with projects. ManageUp takes care of every thing from the moment you sign up.

2. You’re starting from scratch every time

Everything is in the details, from major marketing campaigns to quarterly financial statements.

When employing a team to assist in major projects, it’s important to delegate tasks to teams or individuals with written and clear expectations accompanying due dates.

While most project management tools allow you to visualize action items, they fail to help you plan ahead or get feedback from your team.

With ManageUp, you can specify project goals, create and assign subtasks, and call for feedback within a ‘Task Template’.

ManageUp allows you to assign a task to multiple individuals, add viewers or auditors, and create specific conditions for the completion of such task.

3. You can’t assess the damage

When managing multiple projects, when working with remote team members, or with team members out of the office, it can be easy to lose track of where things are within a project.

Most modern platforms fail to give you a quick glance of where a project has landed: when using Trello or Asana, you have to look at a specific task to see where things were left off - multiple clicks later, you still may not have the information that you were looking for.

Find gaps and expose any unproductive workflows with ManageUp’s completion progress bar, which gives you a quick look at the current status of a task. What’s more, you can see the general status of things on your plate when you login to your dashboard.

4. You’re not getting the communication tools you need

ManageUp includes features that encourage multiple levels of communication. Our Task Template assists with closed-loop project-oriented communication: tasks need approval and there are conditions that must be met before work can be marked as complete.

ManageUp also incorporates a Slack-like chat feature for less formal communication. Multi-faceted communication to better manage your work.

5. You can’t use the platform for everything, and you really wish you could

It’s no secret that organizations must keep meticulous track of information and communication - and be ready to share that information with external stakeholders and auditors at any point. Transparency is key in 2018; it’s no longer acceptable to have piecemeal organization, saving files in random folders or sharing old documents.

Outside of DropBox, Box, and Google Drive, document organization platforms are hard to come by. And document organization with other task management features? Forget it.

ManageUp is the among first management platforms to build a personal library feature where our users can upload, open, share, and refer back to files. We’ve also implemented a feature that allows for seamless sharing of information by adding users with limited visibility. Checkmate.

If finding a project management tool was like being on a dating app, you just naturally met us at a café – it’s what everyone wants, but it seems too good to be true. We promise you it’s not!

Try us out, it’s on us.

When we say comprehensive project management tool, we mean it.