Powerful Productivity With Benefits



Bring transparency and take quick action on individual and team key objectives in a single graph

  • Provide real-time feedback and recognition
  • GREEN - quickly see what's completed
  • YELLOW -receive extra credit for prompt completion
  • RED - reward fairly when tasks become urgent
  • ORANGE - one click will inform users of new items

Life events happen, automatically reward those that have your BACK!



SQUEEZE® Your Way to Success!



Why use this acronym? 

Because Safety, Quality, Effectiveness Efficiency and Zest (morale) are equally important in healthcare and need to continually improve.  

  • Experience excellence by focusing and rewarding employees along each factor
  • Points are acquired along each of these factors
  • Leaderboard encourages healthy competition
  • "Level up" quickly as you take advantage of opportunities to earn more points
  • Managers you're not ignored!  You're also rewarded for facilitating and ensuring work gets done

Which SQUEEZE® condition could your organization do without?

~patent pending~

Product Testimonials

As a remote Telepharmacy, we rely heavily on email and written communication. The problem that we experience as a company of 150+ employees spread across the United States, our biggest challenge is coordination and project planning. Yes, we use online tools and group conferences to assist, but basic project planning was cumbersome. We do not have the luxury of working together to assign tasks and responsibilities in 1 forum. ManageUp has provided us with a project planning tool integrated with the storage and visibility we need for an entire management group to collectively work on a project without the hassle of emails and follow up emails.
— Giyae Lee-Thornton, Director of Pharmacy Operations
We finally have something to replace Outlook calendar invites! This helps me so much in remembering my tasks and I only have to look in 1 place to see all of the responses for my entire team. It’s easy to learn and the videos are helpful if I need a refresher.
— Cara Rozell, West Region Manager